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Saratoga: Classics will roll into downtown Saratoga for July 17 car show

Published Wednesday June 29

Photo: Mercurynews

By Khalida Sarwari,

That’s because Green built it from the ground up with his high school best friend, Al Megenity. When Megenity moved out of the area, Green offered to buy his share.

Since we built it ourselves, the car has great sentimental value to me, Green said.

The Saratoga resident commented he and Megenity built the car based on a replica of a similar pedal car he had when he was four years old.

Its appeal has always stuck with me, he said.

During that time it has needed only a few repairs and basic maintenance, and I do the work, Green said.

Car Show. It will be Green’s 3rd appearance at the show.

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